The Holidays On the Rise!

As we approach the days of the most commitments period, we can’t help to ponder upon the substances, which would make us, better, stronger & wiser. Out of all things that can hold us back or at least, delay our journey, is credit, which often isn’t thought of; cause we seem to get stuck with our financial status.

As a Credit Specialist, I must at all cost, lean towards the Importance of Credit Excellence, which really doesn’t totally rely or emphasize on money, rather on education, dedication, determination & planning. See, one may have the means (money) that it takes to become become, Bankable (credit worthy), but unless were made aware of the many doors, which can be opened by it (Credit Excellence); he knows not anything about the procedures.

Credit Restoration or Building is an art, which must be handed with finesse & patience, and it isn’t impersonal. When someone is determine to move forward, he must be willing to follow direction & accept to do what it takes; in order to go onto the Journey. He must understand that a credit card isn’t free money or should I say, not a license to pretend, but it must be treated as a debit card, which one may only purchase if & only if there’s money in that particular account. One must be fully aware, the Only way anyone’s credit score to gain or increase, one must have accounts (trade lines) to purchase & pay, then the Bureaus made aware, then report. In other words, no trades, no purchases, no payments, no reports, no score increases.

The Purpose:

To Show & Educate, people the different facets of Money Management, for most, without Credit Education, money is practically the only means of transferring goods to one another is by selling & buying with money; not to say that, credit is solely the other means, but it’s well known, as one of the many ways. It shows & tells a story of one’s credibility.

The Advantages:

It gives one the choice (freedom) to utilize credit over cash, and allows him to invest his cash (liquid assets), while saving on interest & increasing his credit limits. One learns how to financially manage his assets. It brings awareness to better life’s plan, without a budget which often sets a limit to one’s potentials (advancements). It opens the gates for opportunities which were not reachable for many.

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